Moment debuts various mounts for Apple AirTag tracker

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Moment is among a bevy of third-party accessory makers to announce their own spin on accessories or Apple AirTag.

First is the Moment Stretch Fabric Mount which has a "premium bonded powermesh" material on the outside that is soft and flexible. It can be affixed using a proprietary adhesive to nearly any fabric, meaning you can put AirTag on a coat, sweater, purse, backpack or other item. The mount is double-hemmed for a secure hold around the edge and AirTag can be removed at any time.

Then there is a hard shell case. AirTag is inserted into the back of the mount which has a hardened exterior. This can be mounted with its adhesive on rugged or outdoor devices that may take a beating.

Finally, Moment is offering the Curved Surface mount which is made from a flexible silicone. This allows it to conform and adhere to irregular surfaces. Think under a bike seat or other areas that aren't perfectly flat.

All of the mounts are available for preorder now with the Curved Surface Mount and Stretch Fabric Mount running $14.99 and the hard shell running $19.99.