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Boston's flagship store set to open May 16th

Apple's first store in Beantown will have an appropriately high-flying Friday launch on May 16th at 6PM, according to a new report.

Historically accurate with opening dates ahead of official announcements, ifo Apple Store claims the opening date for the Boston location is now due a week from this Friday and is the first of its kind since the launch of the West 14th store in December.

The store at 815 Boylston Street will be one of Apple's most conspicuous to open in recent months, with a three-storey-tall building fronted by glass. It will also be one of the largest in terms of floor space: at 6,384 square feet, the building is expected to service 1,500 or more customers per hour, or roughly ten times the traffic of a typical Apple retail outlet.

The storefront is also located immediately opposite Mac reseller Tech Superpowers, which has been tracking the construction of the Apple building from its early stages.

Apple has not announced any special promotional campaigns in the run-up to the store's long-awaited unveiling, but has taken unusual steps to promote the shop that include a green front covering that recalls the Green Monster at Fenway Park.

Apple Store Boston