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Site Updates: new blogs, iPhone app reviews, RSS feeds, more...

We've recently expanded our coverage of all things Apple through a new sections of blogs where readers will find a variety of iPhone app and game reviews, unconfirmed rumors, general industry news, secondary iPhone news, and Apple and third party software updates.

There are essentially three blogs: an iPhone blog, a Mac blog, and a General blog —all of which combine to form the AppleInsider Backpage Blogs. Readers can view the blogs individually, or collectively through the primary Backpage Blog URL:

Below is a collection blog stories posted over the past week so that you can get an idea of the material you'll find in these new content sections. There are a variety of ways to keep up with the blogs and be alerted of updates, all of which is explained below.

iPhone apps

We've reviewed both of the leading VNC clients for the iPhone:

Jaadu VNC (formerly Teleport) for iPhone

Mocha VNC client for iPhone

And some general apps:

Ambiance smooths over the unwanted noises in your head

Speed Trap iPhone app to help you avoid speeding tickets

GottaGo promises to bail you out of those sticky situations

Apple updates Remote app with Genius playlists

iPhone games

Some iPhone game reviews:

Galcon, triangular space domination for the iPhone

X-Plane 9 for iPhone and iPod touch

iGolf for iPhone gets you into the swing of things

iPhone news

Apple's iPhone 3G has hidden QR matrix code

NetShare, tethering apps officially banned from App Store

Petition started for iPhone auto-correction toggle

EA plans Spore Origins, nine other games for iPhone

Apple releases iPhone Configuration Utility 1.0.1

Mac news

Mysterious MacBook Pro image on German site (presumed fake)

Software update fixes AirTunes issues caused by iTunes 8

Apple releases Apple Remote Desktop 3.2.2

Apple releases WebObjects 5.4.3, Server Admin Tools 10.5.5

Apple issues HP Printer Driver 1.1.1

General news

Steve Jobs appears at EU online store meeting, sans suit

Apple to open four new retail stores this weekend

Beatles not expected to go online until 2009

Keeping up with the blogs

One way to keep up with the blogs is to glance over our headline listings that immediately follow the text of each AppleInsider article. "Most Recent Headlines" lists the day's traditional top news headlines, "iPhone Blog Headlines" lists only headlines from the iPhone blog, and "Backpage Headlines" lists posts to both the Mac and General blogs. A green dot next to a headline means it was published within the last 24 hours, while a grey dot means the news item is slightly older than that.


Blog updates can also be tracked from the left hand site of AppleInsider's main page, where listings from all three blogs are grouped together.


RSS Feeds

Perhaps the best way to keep up with the blogs, and AppleInsider in general, is to add one or more of our RSS feeds to your news reader.

Main page Our existing feed containing all the day's top stories.
iPhone blog A new feed exclusively featuring iPhone blog page stories.
Backpage blogs A new feed featuring stories from all blogs except the iPhone blog (for non-iPhone owners).
Every blog A new feed the contains a list of every single blog story (iPhone, Mac, General).

Feedback & Press

General comments and reader suggestions can be sent to "news (at) appleinsider (dot) com". iPhone app developers and other third parties wishing to have their products covered or previewed on AppleInsider's blogs can contact Sam at "sam (at) appleinsider (dot) com".