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Music platform Vevo reportedly developing dedicated Apple TV 'music channel'

Vevo TV is already available on gaming consoles like Microsoft's Xbox 360. | Source: Vevo

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A report on Thursday claims popular Internet music video platform Vevo is working on a dedicated app that act as an always-on "24-7" music channel for Apple TV owners.

According to AdAge, the app will allow Vevo to further monetize its platform by selling advertisements made for television, instead of its current Internet-only offerings.

The publication notes Adidas, McDonald's, Red Bull and State Farm as current advertisers on Vevo's recently released Vevo TV, a "linear music channel" with a preset playlist. If and when Vevo launches the supposed app, it will likely be in the form of Vevo TV, meaning Apple TV users will have access to a channel serving up nothing but music 24 hours a day. Currently, the service can be found on Microsoft's Xbox 360 and the Roku set-top streamer.

Vevo already has experience in delivering apps to mobile devices, including titles for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

The introduction of a music channel app would be in line with Apple's renewed interest in its "beloved hobby," which has seen the addition of apps from well known services like HBO, ESPN and Sky News.

In July, research found the Apple TV accounted for 56 percent of all streaming devices for the 2012 calendar year, beating out big name players like Roku and TiVo.

When a recent version of iOS 7 beta was seeded to developers, the Apple TV's software was also updated with a novel "touch to configure" feature that leverages Bluetooth to automatically set up the device for new users.