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Apple files cross-appeal of final judgment in case against Samsung

As expected, Apple on Tuesday filed a notice of cross-appeal pertaining to the final judgement in the first Apple vs. Samsung California patent trial.

In response to California District Court Judge Lucy Koh's final judgment of 2012's Apple v. Samsung trial, which was handed down last week, Apple is appealing all interlocutory orders and decisions having to do with the case.

Apple's appeal applies to the Aug. 24, 2012 trial decision, Judge Koh's order on the retrial for vacated damages and the court's order denying a renewed motion for a permanent injunction against 23 Samsung devices, among other rulings.

Judge Koh's final judgment ultimately awarded Apple $929 million as a result of Samsung's patent infringement, including $290 million from the retrial over previously vacated damages. Apple was initially awarded $1.05 billion by a jury, though juror error and appeal detracted from that number down.

Samsung last week filed its own appeal of the ruling as the case is now ripe for such action following the completion of post-trial proceedings. It is expected that the case will continue well into the future.

A second California patent trial slated to begin on Mar. 31 will see the companies meet once again in Judge Koh's court. The most recent development from that case was Samsung's dismissal of three standard-essential patent claims last week, which brings the Korean company's assertions down to two claims from two patents. Apple can still pursue five claims from five patents.