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Apple looks to reinstate Home Sharing with iOS 9, Eddy Cue says

Following revelations that Apple disabled the popular music Home Sharing feature with its latest iOS 8.4 update, SVP of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue on Monday said the company is working to restore services for iOS 9.

In response to a question regarding the Home Sharing situation on iOS 8.4, Cue tweeted out, "We are working to have Home Sharing in iOS 9," suggesting the feature will be at least partially reinstated with Apple's next-generation mobile operating system.

Apple quietly removed Home Sharing for music from iOS 8.4, an unfortunate decision given Apple Music's launch that same day. The company has not officially commented on the matter.

Home Sharing was carried over from Mac in iOS 4.3 as a way stream content to mobile devices from a central computer connected to a common network. Its removal left iPhone, iPad and iPod owners without an in-house solution for streaming tracks from Mac-based iTunes libraries.

Cue's comments are consistent with early iOS 8.4 beta release notes that listed Home Sharing as "not currently available" under known issues. When the OS shipped, the feature's music streaming component was indeed absent from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, though video sharing was still available. Owners of desktops and Apple TV can still share both music and video.

For now, Apple Music offers a $14.99 Family Plan with full access to Apple's music catalog for up to six people, in some ways replacing Home Sharing for a cost. As previously noted, however, Apple Music's current offerings, while expansive, are not complete and could pose a problem for certain users.