Follow NASA's historic mission to Pluto with the New Horizons app on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch

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NASA's New Horizons space probe is set to begin transmitting the first ever high-resolution images of Pluto back to earth later today, and you can follow the exciting progress on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch with the official New Horizons app.

The app was developed by the Applied Physics Laboratory at Johns Hopkins —  the same team behind the probe itself —  and lets users keep up with the latest news and see images as they're processed. Images of the Jupiter system and other deep-space targets are already available, and some are far more detailed than any we've seen before.

Other features include information on the equipment on board New Horizons and the ability to examine the data that has already been sent back. You can also see exactly where New Horizons is i the solar system, and a companion Apple Watch app puts mission countdowns and images on your wrist.

New Horizons: a NASA Voyage to Pluto is available now as a free, 105-megabyte download from the App Store.