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Apple Music now works with Sonos in new beta

Sonos' wireless speakers gained beta support for Apple Music on Tuesday, thanks to an updated Sonos Controller app, and new on-device software for beta participants.

Listeners can stream from the service's New, Radio, For You, and My Music tabs to a Sonos speaker, but they must first download the latest version of Controller for iOS, Windows, or Mac. Within the Advanced Settings options, people should find a button to sign up for the beta program, which will also guide them through updating compatible Sonos units.

The company cautions that an "Update Now" prompt may take as long as 15 minutes to appear, though they can select "Online Updates" in the Settings menu to speed up the process. Once the speaker update is finished, Apple Music should appear in the "Add Music Services" menu.

Apple and Sonos originally teased today's launch in late November.

Some functions may be missing in the beta, though Sonos didn't specify what these might be. Full support is slated for sometime in early 2016.

Apple Music itself is still a fledgling service, having only launched in June. It controls a much smaller share of the U.S. streaming market than rivals Pandora and Spotify, and may need integration into as many platforms as possible — primarily Apple's own — to gain traction.