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Apple activates repair program for iPhone 7 models impacted by 'No Service' issue

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Apple on Friday initiated a repair program for iPhone 7 devices affected by an issue that caused a "No Service" message to display in the status bar even when cellular network coverage is available, saying a faulty logic board component is to blame for the error.

As noted on a webpage dedicated to the new program, Apple determined a "small percentage" of iPhone 7 devices may be impacted by the "No Service" error message. The company is offering to repair affected devices for free, or reimburse customers for repair charges paid as a result of the issue.

Apple has narrowed the component flaw down to a batch of iPhone 7 units manufactured between September 2016 and February 2018 and sold in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macao and the U.S. According to supplied information, model numbers eligible for the repair program are A1660 or A1780 in China, A1660 in Hong Kong, Macao and the U.S., and A1779 in Japan. Model number markings can be found on an iPhone's rear chassis below the "iPhone" logo.

Users who believe their iPhone 7 is experiencing the "No Service" issue should take the device in to an Apple Authorized Service Provider or Apple retail store for inspection. Alternatively, customers can

Those who already paid to repair their device as a result of "No Service" faults will be reimbursed. Apple is currently sending out emails to customers on record, but users who have not received a message by the end of March 2018 are urged to contact Apple through the firm's

Whether the problem is related to a similar "No Service" glitch discovered in September is unclear. At the time, users affected by the issue complained their unit entered an unusable state after switching out of Airplane Mode. AppleInsider sources said the problem was likely attributable to a slightly askew SIM card.