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Accessory vendors start producing coasters, stands, and bags for Apple's HomePod

In a similar fashion to Apple's other products, accessory producers have been quick to create products to enhance the user experience of the HomePod just days after launch, with the first to surface including a leather carrying case and a coaster designed to prevent marks left behind by the speaker's silicone base.

Capitalizing on the recent stories concerning the HomePod's white ring issue when it is placed on certain surfaces, iPhone and iPad case producer Pad & Quill has announced it will produce its own solution to the problem. The Leather HomePod Coaster is meant to be placed underneath the HomePod, protecting the table or shelf from the potential marks.

Produced from American full-grain leather, the Leather HomePod Coaster has an ultra soft leather backing with an artisan signature, with the four-inch coaster also featuring marine-grade stitching around the edge. Pad & Quill is offering the Leather HomePod Coaster in a choice of whiskey and chestnut color options for $19.95, with the accessory currently available to pre-order through the firm's website.

Price-conscious HomePod owners may stand to benefit from a quick search of Amazon for similar, but far cheaper, options. One brief search brought up a six-pack of leather drink coasters with a holder from ZHTech for under $14, with the six 3.9-inch coasters allowing those who wish to move the HomePod around more placement options around their home, or simply somewhere to put their drink.

Meres has also come up with a pair of products for keeping the HomePod away from delicate surfaces. The Aluminum Mount Holder is a stand for a desk that holds the HomePod loosely in a ring, preventing it from being tipped on its side while keeping it up and away from potential spillages.

The floor of the Aluminum Mount Holder has slots intended to prevent heat buildup around the base of the HomePod, and uses a soft rubber mat to minimize any vibrations from transferring to the stand and affecting the sound quality. The stand itself is produced from 3 millimeter-thick aluminum alloy for the ring and base plate, with an aluminum post on each corner used to fasten the ring and the stand's protective feet.

Using a similar construction, the Aluminum Wall Mount performs the same task as the freestanding version, but is meant to be attached to a wall. It has a similar slotted and rubber-protected base, but the design instead has the ring attached to two posts hidden behind the HomePod to the rear, near to the bracket used to mount the assembly to a surface.

Meres is selling the Aluminum Mount Holder for $39.90 on Amazon, while the Aluminum Wall Mount is currently sold for $42.50.

For those who want to take the HomePod around with them, Amazon seller Capra Leather has one possible solution. The Brown Leather HomePod Travel Case is a handmade item that encases the HomePod in a full grain leather casing, complete with a carrying handle at the top and an angled zipper.

The inside of the case is covered with soft suede, while the base of the bag is padded to cushion the HomePod when the case is placed down. At the back is a slot for the power cable to feed through, and an elasticated band above can be used to hold the rolled-up cable out of the way during transit.

Capra Leather is currently offering the Leather HomePod Travel Case for $105, with the option to add engraved initials to the bag for an extra $10.