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Apple Maps cycling directions expands to Seattle

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Apple recently expanded Apple Maps cycling directions to Seattle and integrated additional coverage for a wide swath of California.

The new availability was quietly announced in a recent update to Apple's iOS feature availability webpage, which now shows Maps cycling navigations in all of California and Seattle. Previously, support in California was limited to Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco.

Introduced with iOS 14, cycling directions provides users with a wealth of information for their coming bike ride. Navigation assets include designated bike lanes, paths, inclines, stairs and obstacles.

The feature is also available in mainland China, London, New York and Portland, Ore.

Apple most recently updated cycling directions in February with the addition of San Diego and Portland.

Apple Maps is a work in progress and the company continues to build out new features and expand existing services. In April, for example, Apple began to implement user ratings and photos to places of interest, a feature common on other mapping platforms.