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Harry Styles donates AirPods ad fee to refugee aid charity

Harry Styles performing for Apple Music Live

Following his appearance in an advert for Apple's AirPods, Harry Styles is donating his fee to a humanitarian aid organization working to help refuges from Ukraine.

Styles had appeared in an ad that promoted Apple Music, Spatial Audio, and also his own latest album.

The ad was produced to resemble Apple's famous silhouette ads for the iPod, and was based around Styles's "Music for a Sushi Restaurant," the opening track of his new "Harry's House" album.

According to music publication NME, Styles has confirmed that his unspecified fee is being donated in full to the International Rescue Committee (IRC).

The IRC is currently working to help more than six million refugees who have left Ukraine since Russia invaded the country in February.

Separately, Apple has already been taking donations for UNICEF to help with the situation in Ukraine.