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Apple Watch SE may switch to an all-plastic chassis to lower costs

The current Apple Watch SE uses a nylon-composite material on its back side.

Apple is reported to have tested replacing the metal portion of the current Apple Watch SE case with rigid plastic to lower the cost.

Alongside reports of updated regular and Apple Watch Ultra models coming in late 2024, Apple could be planning to also change the Apple Watch SE. The company has thus far brought out a new model of the Apple Watch SE every two years since its introduction.

This future Apple Watch SE might switch to an all-plastic housing to cut costs, reports Bloomberg. The device retails for $249, some $50 higher than Samsung's similar low-cost smartwatch.

The current SE model adopted a redesigned back case that changed to a color-matched "nylon composite" plastic material in 2022. If true, this report would see the entire chassis of the Apple Watch SE changed — making the device less environmentally friendly.

Separately, the forthcoming Apple Watch Series 10 has been rumored to sport thinner cases and slightly larger screens. Apple is likely to announce this and perhaps also the Apple Watch SE in September, alongside the iPhone 16.