Eddy Cue latest Apple executive to offer up lunch date for charity, throws in MacBook Air

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Apple fans have another chance at a sit-down with a member of the company's senior leadership, as internet software and services chief Eddy Cue has put one hour of his time up for auction — and sweetened the pot with a 13-inch MacBook Air — in the Fortune 500 equivalent of a charity dunk tank.

Cue is following Apple CEO Tim Cook's lead in auctioning a lunch date on charity auction site CharityBuzz, with Cue's auction set to benefit the National Association of Basketball Coaches Foundation. At press time, the highest of 15 total bids was some $9,500 with the site estimating the value of lunch with Cue at $10,000.

Cook has appeared on the site twice before, fetching nearly $1 million in total for a one-hour coffee and a one-hour lunch. He chose to direct donations to the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights.

As was the case with Cook, Cue will host up to two guests — after they have passed a security screen. Scheduling could take up to one year from the auction's close, based on Cue's availability, and travel and lodging are not included.

Cue did do Cook one better, however, adding in a $1,199 13-inch MacBook Air. Bidding closes at 2:20 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time on July 16.


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