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First Apple Watch unboxing video emerges from Hong Kong

As Apple distributes preview units of its new Watch to media outlets, unboxing videos are likewise appearing online, revealing what buyers can expect to see when they open up the product's packaging.

The first video debuted earlier today from Hong Kong's Gadget Guy, showing a rounded rectangular box nestled inside a square outer one. The rounded box contains the Watch held on its side, with a buyer's chosen band type already attached.

The outer box contains the inductive charger, a wall adapter, a polishing cloth, and an instruction guide. The guide is relatively brief, only going over the most essential functions such as button layout and included apps.

Extra Sport bands are packaged in a slim cardboard tube, which is not unlike an elongated version of the boxes Apple uses for its Thunderbolt adapters. The bands are clipped to a white insert, which also contains instructions showing users how to change the band.

Apple design chief Jony Ive has previously said that he is not a fan of the large boxes many watches come in, and worked to reduce the Apple Watch's packaging.

"So there's huge virtue, I think, in keeping the packaging small: at least, it is the right choice environmentally, it's easier to move things around and you don't end up with your wardrobes full of large watch boxes that you don't use."

For the general public, preorders of the Apple Watch are slated to start at 12:01 a.m. Pacific time on Friday. It should ship to stores and customers on April 24.

Early reviews have praised aspects like the design and the Taptic Engine, but are complaining about poor performance, particularly with third-party apps. Apple said it is working to fix those flaws with software updates, the first of which should hopefully appear by the 24th.