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'Ted Lasso' wins Peabody Award for its 'radical optimism'

Credit: Apple

Apple TV+ hit comedy "Ted Lasso" has been honored with a Peabody in the 81st year of these prestigious awards.

Already a multi-award winning hit with nods from the Writers' Guild, Critics Choice and Directors' Guild, "Ted Lasso" has now been presented with a Peabody Award. Peabody's are presented to shows and series that are judged to be excellent.

"What this presumably Ugly American, fish-out-of-water tale offers... is a charming dose of radical optimism, with an equally endearing Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso," said the Peabody Awards organizers in a statement. "For offering the perfect counter to the enduring prevalence of toxic masculinity, both on-screen and off, in a moment when the nation truly needs inspiring models of kindness, Ted Lasso wins a Peabody."

This year's Peabody Awards ceremony has been cancelled because of coronavirus. "Ted Lasso" star and writer Jason Sudeikis thanked the Peabody judges in a video message.

"Thank you so much for this honour, it's really, really incredible," he said. "We are flattered, from every one of the writers and producers to everyone in the production office editing staff post production, the cast the crew. Everyone at Apple, Warner Brothers, Doozer [Productions]."

"[Also my] parents, my sisters. Probably my kids if I could just get them to sit down and watch the darn show," he continued.

The second season of "Ted Lasso" is due to begin streaming on Apple TV+ on July 23. Separately, a new trailer was released today on Twitter.

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