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Apple's board recommends voting against all shareholder proposals

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Unsurprisingly, Apple is not fond of the shareholder proposals that are on the 2022 ballot, and is recommending voting against all of them.

For example, the recommendations include a for vote for all current nominees to the Board of Directors, according to a document sent to shareholders and seen by AppleInsider. Nominees include Apple CEO Tim Cook, James Bell, Al Gore, Alex Gorky, Andrea Jung, Art Levinson, Monica Lozano, Ron Sugar, and Sue Wagner.

Additionally, the board recommends that shareholders approve the appointment of Ernst & Young as Apple's independent registered accounting firm. Other recommendations include approvals of an advisory vote to approve executive compensation and the approval of Apple's 2022 employee stock plan.

The board recommends voting against a number of shareholder proposals, including one titled "Reincorporate with Deeper Purpose," which requests that Apple amend its articles of incorporation to become a Social Purpose corporation.

Apple's board also recommends voting against a shareholder transparency proposal asking for clearer explanations of app removals from the App Store in response to government requests. In its response, Apple says it "already provides detailed information" about app removals.

Another report that Apple recommends voting against concerns forced labor and requests the creation of a report detailing how Apple protects workers in its supply chain.

The Cupertino tech giant also recommends a no vote on a proposal to create a pay equity report, a proposal requesting a civil rights and diversity audit of Apple, and a proposal seeking the preparation of a report on concealment clauses. The latter proposal is related to past criticism relating to Apple's secret policies allegedly making the discussion of workplace conditions more difficult.

Apple's annual shareholder meeting will take place at 9 a.m. Pacific on Friday, March 4 in a virtual format. The deadline to vote prior to the meeting is 8:59 p.m. Pacific on March 3.