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Topic: IDC

IDC: Apple still leads RIM as No. 2 worldwide smartphone maker

02/07/2011, 03:02 pm

Global smartphone sales have continued their explosive growth, topping 100 million total units last quarter, with Apple retaining second place among all vendors, according to IDC.


RIM PlayBook only garnering half the prelaunch interest of iPad

01/25/2011, 03:01 pm

An analyst's survey of 1,100 consumers found just 6 percent reporting they are "likely" to buy RIM's new playbook, less than half the number who said the same of Apple's iPad last February.


IDC: Apple hits 8.7% share as fastest growing PC maker in US 4Q sales

01/12/2011, 07:01 pm

Even without counting iPad sales, IDC's preliminary Q4 2010 report on PC shipments shows Apple experienced the fastest growth in an industry where average growth went negative due to tablet sales.


IDC: Android poised to pass Apple's iOS, Nokia's Symbian in Europe

11/29/2010, 11:11 am

Google's Android mobile operating system will pass Apple's iOS and Nokia's Symbian in 2011 to become the top smartphone platform in all of Europe, IDC has predicted.


Mac pricing gives Apple top dollar share in U.S. home PC market

11/23/2010, 09:11 am

For the first time ever, Apple is the dollar share leader in the U.S. home PC market, with the Mac taking 29.4 percent of every dollar earned from domestic home computer sales.


Gartner mobile figures supporting Android differ from IDC by 77 million

11/11/2010, 06:11 pm

In their latest quarterly reports on the mobile industry, Gartner and IDC have reported numbers that are wildly different, with Garner counting 77 million additional units sold. Gartner also assumes the use of Android by a large number of unspecified "Other" phone manufacturers, greatly reducing the market share of Apple, RIM, and even the major Android makers.