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Topic: Apple

Bill Gates, Warren Buffett praise Apple, US economic outlook

05/04/2010, 05:05 pm

In a conversation with Fox Business News, business luminaries Bill Gates and Warren Buffett praised Apple's performance while talking about tablet technologies and presented an overall strong outlook for the American economy.


Apple issues extensive report on supplier responsibility

02/23/2010, 06:02 pm

Apple has published an extensive report on supplier responsibility that addresses how the company works to ensure that all of its business partners are fair and socially progressive.


Apple in position to increase acquisition activity in 2010 - report

01/14/2010, 09:01 pm

With a war chest of $23 billion in cash, along with increasing competition by Google, Apple looks to continue its recent trend of acquisitions in the new year.


Apple tops PC rivals in customer experience, but iTunes lags behind

01/13/2010, 08:01 pm

In a recent survey of customer experience, Apple ranked above its main competitors in the personal computing space, but consumers found iTunes to be behind rivals Barnes & Noble and Amazon.


Chrome edges out Safari, iPhone OS continues growth in December - report

01/01/2010, 06:01 pm

Apple ends the year with solid iPhone OS growth, a slowing - but stable Mac OS X market share, and its Safari web browser being edged out by Google's Chrome.


Apple refuses to return repaired iPhone to owner

01/01/2010, 12:01 pm

Apple will not return a stolen iPhone to to the original owner after the thief took the phone in to get serviced due to the victim's failure to file a police report.


Apple also behind Slate Computing, filings suggest

12/27/2009, 06:12 pm

Records indicate that Apple may be behind Slate Computing, LLC - the company currently in possession of the iSlate trademark.


Apple's universal iPhone, iPod dock concept detailed in filing

12/10/2009, 07:12 pm

Apple may be developing a universal dock which can conform to the shape of the object being charged, thus eliminating the need for separate chargers and adaptors when switching between products.


WSJ: Apple's $85M purchase of Lala paves way for iTunes cloud

12/10/2009, 12:12 am

Apple's purchase of music streaming service Lala signals a fundamental change in the way that the company will present iTunes content on the web.


Safari retains speed crown over newcomer Chrome in OS X

12/09/2009, 09:12 pm

While besting Firefox by nearly 50 percent, Google's newly released Chrome browser was 12 percent slower than Apple's Safari in benchmark tests.


Microsoft alters settlement with EU over browser exclusivity

12/05/2009, 11:12 am

Microsoft has modified its antitrust settlement with the European Union in response to complaints from other browser makers.


Reports confirm Apple reaches agreement to purchase Lala

12/04/2009, 11:12 pm

Sources inside Apple have confirmed that Apple has agreed to buy Lala, an online music streaming service based in Palo Alto, California.


Publisher Hearst releases plans for digital magazine, newspaper service

12/03/2009, 09:12 pm

Hearst Corp. plans to launch a service sometime in 2010 to sell digital subscriptions of magazines and newspapers intended to be viewed on e-readers, cell phones, and tablets.


Time Inc. demos tablet-friendly magazine concept

12/02/2009, 08:12 pm

Time Inc. released a video walkthrough as well as a working model of its digital magazine format designed for touchscreen tablets.


Intel's Six-Core 'Gulftown' processor revealed, possibly headed to Mac Pro

11/29/2009, 01:11 am

Performance numbers of Intel's new six-core Xeon were prematurely revealed by Polish website PCLab, showing strong increases in performance for the chip rumored to be in the next iteration of the Mac Pro.


Apple domestic desktop sales strong, iPhone sales slow in China

11/26/2009, 12:11 pm

Apple has captured nearly half of all desktop revenue in the United States as iPhone sales in China have lagged.


iPhone to launch in South Korea at end of November

11/22/2009, 02:11 pm

Apple's iPhone will be available to South Korean customers on November 28, just 10 days after South Korea's Communications Commission approved the iPhone for sale.


Microsoft shareholders grill CEO about Apple, iPhone

11/19/2009, 11:11 pm

Shareholders questioned Microsoft execs at their annual meeting about Apple's growing reputation among the "next generation" of technology consumers.


TomTom app updated to support iPod touch, first-gen iPhone

11/18/2009, 08:11 pm

TomTom has officially released update version 1.2 for its iPhone app, adding support for both the iPod touch and the first-gen iPhone when used in conjunction with its car kit.


Verizon responds to AT&T in court: 'The truth hurts'

11/16/2009, 10:11 pm

Verizon filed an aggressive legal response Monday as part of its ongoing defense against AT&T, accusing its competitor of overreacting to "the truth" of its wireless data service.