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Jon Prosser

Jon Prosser

Jon Prosser is an avid Apple leaker with sources throughout the company and supply chain. His predictions based on leaked information became prominent in early 2020 as he nailed down details of the new iPhone SE weeks before launch. He still leaks information from time to time but seemingly is more focused on his YouTube channel and tech news website.

● Creator of Front Page Tech
● Began sourcing Apple leaks in February 2020
● Accurately announced iPhone SE colors and price
● Got the 13-inch MacBook Pro release window correct
● Predicted colorful iMacs before release
● Blocked by Phil Schiller on Twitter

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This page contains information about old leaks from Jon Prosser. He has pivoted into a more news-first role after his internal sources at Apple seemingly stopped providing new information.

Note that this page may contain out of date information regarding released products or older leaks.

Internal leaks from Apple and its supply chain happen all the time, but it is often difficult to sift through all of that information found in the wild to verify what is legitimate or not. What makes someone like Jon Prosser viable is their ability to collect information, protect leakers, and present the most relevant things first.

While he may have started life as a tech YouTube personality, a transition occurred sometime after the September iPhone event in 2019. Jon Prosser began discussing potential price points of upcoming Google Pixel devices and Samsung phones, which led to people contacting him with accurate data.

By February 2020, he began discussing unreleased Apple products on his YouTube channel and Twitter. On February 24, after some Target point-of-sale leaks, he made his Twitter DMs open for "leaks and inside info only."

As of late October 2020, Prosser had a fairly strong accuracy rating. He got the iPhone 12 release dates correct and knew 120Hz wasn't going to come in the final version. He also announced the HomePod mini with the correct price and knew about UWB.

Prosser has leaked many details about upcoming Apple products and has sometimes shared information unique to his sources. Many times, Prosser corroborates rumors from Ming-Chi Kuo and other well-known leakers on Twitter.

His biggest gaffe so far lies in AirPower, reporting that the device would be smaller but identical to what Apple previously released. Images he shared ended up belonging to a third-party clone, and it appears AirPower has officially been abandoned as MagSafe launches. In early 2020, he also referred to an upcoming pair of partially wireless AirPods that were likely Beats Flex rather than Apple-branded headphones. At the time, Kuo correctly stated that it was more likely a Beats product.

When the AirPods Max released and revealed the inaccuracy of Prosser's predictions, it hurt his credibility a bit. However, the 2021 season of leaks is well underway and it seems he's back in step on product reports.

He leaked a redesigned iMac with color options before release. He says that the MacBook Air will soon be redesigned with similar color options.

The MacBook Pro redesign is due to arrive at WWDC according to Prosser. He expects both the 14-inch MacBook Pro and 16-inch MacBook Pro with "M1X" processors to be announced.

Jon Prosser's Current Rumor Roundup

The following product leaks were shared by Prosser. The products haven't been announced and may never be, or could have been superseded by other releases.

"Apple Glass"

On May 15, 2020, Prosser said that "Apple Glasses" are coming in mid-2021, contradicting Ming-Chi Kuo's statement.

“Apple Glass” renderJon Prosser leaked many details about “Apple Glass” - render by iphone_lov_er

He added a major leak of the Apple AR wearable on May 19, with details about price and design covered by Prosser. The name of the wearable may be "Apple Glass" and cost $499 plus the cost of prescription lenses. There will not be any cameras, according to the leak, but a single LiDAR sensor in the top right of the glasses. This will allow contextual information and graphical objects to display in the environment while allowing some gesture control with your hands.

The glasses will allegedly be made of metal or plastic, and a charging station will allow them to be charged wirelessly. The UWB chipset will play a big part in Apple's AR future, and the distribution of U1 devices through your home will give the glasses more data anchor points.

Next-generation Mac Desktops

In late February 2021, Prosser shared renders of the upcoming desktops with Apple Silicon. The 24-inch iMac and a smaller Mac Pro. These products have been long-rumored, but this was the first look at the products based on leaks to Prosser himself.

The small Mac Pro from @cconceptcreator The small Mac Pro from @cconceptcreator

A render for the small Mac Pro was also shared. It has a similar form factor to the G4 Cube and contains the compute unit on the bottom and heat sync on the top. Apple has yet to announce the new Mac Pro.

A render of the 'M1X' Mac mini from Jon Prosser A render of the 'M1X' Mac mini from Jon Prosser

In May 2021, Prosser shared renders of Apple's redesigned Mac mini. He says that the company will use a glass and aluminum design and alternate color choices have been tested.

Criticism of the renders have arisen due to the port placement. The USB-C ports appear to be too close together for connectors to actually fit. The render artist says that the spacing of the ports were difficult to determine and appear skewed in the original image.

Smaller Leaks

  • Lossless audio could come to the AirPods via an update to the AirPlay protocol
  • The MacBook Pro redesign with more powerful M-series processor is due at WWDC 2021
  • In one of his earlier leaks, he corroborated Ben Geskin's statement about meetings being held with media members about AirPods Pro before their release on October 30, 2019.
  • As of April 4, 2020, Jon Prosser stated that the new 13-inch MacBook Pro was due to launch "next month." It ultimately did launch on May 1. He tweeted that it was releasing that day a few hours ahead of its announcement.
  • Apple is working on a game controller and has been since 2019. This was discussed during his Twitter Q&A.
  • tweet on May 7 revealed that a new Apple TV with A12X could "ship at any moment." This would enable better codec parsing and vastly improved Apple Arcade gameplay. As of December 2020, Apple still hadn't launched a new Apple TV.
  • Prosser mentioned the rumored "foldable iPhone" on June 15, stating the device is nowhere near release. The device would have two screens that open into a seamless larger screen.

Released Products Covered by Jon Prosser

The information below pertains to rumors provided by Prosser. Either these products have been released or they have been shelved, but they are all described based on leaks from Jon Prosser.

iPhone 14

Renders of the "iPhone 14" were shared by Prosser's website, Front Page Tech, just days before the "iPhone 13" was revealed. The renders are based on images Prosser has seen of the iPhone with design aspects similar to the iPhone 4.

'iPhone 14' render Image credit: Jon Prosser and Front Page Tech'iPhone 14' render Image credit: Jon Prosser and Front Page Tech

The images show an iPhone with no notch, no camera bump, and round volume buttons. The glass front and back reach all the way to the frame, similar to the iPhone 4.

The device appears to retain many of the design elements of the flat-sided iPhone 12, but with changes to reflect Apple's iPhone 4. No details were provided about how Apple achieved this design  since the renders are based on images, not tech specs.

Colorful MacBook Air redesign

After Apple released its updated iMacs, Prosser says he has information indicating a similar design would come to the MacBook Air. Prosser's render artist produced images based on a device tear down image Prosser obtained.

A render of the redesigned MacBook Air from Jon ProsserA render of the redesigned MacBook Air from Jon Prosser

The new design looks like it borrows elements from the iMac as well as the MacBook Pro. It seems Apple will abandon the sloped chassis design for a uniform one. The display will have an off-white bezel and the keyboard will also be white to mimic the new Magic Keyboard.


The colorful iMac lineup from @cconceptcreatorThe colorful iMac lineup from @cconceptcreator

The new iMac lineup has released, and while his port arrangement and colors weren't entirely accurate, he got the overall design philosophy correct. Ultimately, Apple announced the new iMac during an April 20, 2021 event with seven color options.

5G iPad Pro

A day after the 2020 iPad Pros were announced, Jon Prosser said to expect 5G iPad Pros by the end of 2020, unless other delays pushed them back. As of early December, they hadn't launched.

A Q&A session he held on Twitter revealed a few things, one of which was that the upcoming iPad Pros were likely delayed until 2021.


The "AirTags" are expected to launch anytime between now and the end of 2021. The new Tile-like tracking devices will enable users to find objects using Apple's Ultrawideband chips, or UWB, down to the exact spot they were lost.

The front and back of The front and back of "AirTags" [via Jon Prosser]

Prosser shared renders of the "AirTags" based on a video he has seen. They are small puck-shaped devices with no keychain or hook, likely to make them as small as possible. He also mentioned Apple would sell a keychain pouch accessory separately to store the "AirTags."

In October 2020, he shared a leak about the tracker's design. He said it would have an all-white front without a logo and a polished-metal back with an Apple logo. He added that AirTags wouldn't launch at the October 13 "Hi, Speed" event, with Apple instead announcing it in March 2021.

The global pandemic has supposedly prevented the release of "AirTags" due to the nature of the device. A tracking system that relies on crowdsourced data would not work as well if everyone is trying to remain at home.

Prosser shared a short video showing the paring animation for the "AirTags." This was the first leak showing the official Apple design and could indicate an imminent launch.

The AirTag was finally announced on April 20, 2020 and proved Prosser's leaks to be highly accurate for this product.


The AirPods Max launched in December 2020 via a press release with five colors and priced at $549. Information provided by Prosser over the months was hit and miss, though much ended up being incorrect. He did not get the price, name, or colors correct, nor did he mention new additions like the Digital Crown.

While the content of his leaks is related to what his sources could provide, none of his data was particularly unique overall, as Ming-Chi Kuo has predicted premium over-the-ear headphones for years. Earlier in the year, he was beaten by other leakers on sharing leaked images of the product, stirring some drama.

While he was close on the price near the end of the rumor cycle, and ultimately leaked the "max" name just hours before release, this was not a great product cycle for Prosser as a leaker.

Jon Prosser and @CConceptCreator render of Jon Prosser and @CConceptCreator render of "AirPods Studio"

Target employees contacted Prosser about a new listing in their POS systems for an unreleased AirPods model. The leaked SKUs suggest there may be three color options at $399.

An update to the AirPods "X-generation" rumor came on April 7, in which he stated they were a device similar to the Beats X earbuds that wrap around your neck. They were allegedly code-named B517, aiming for a fall release for $200. He also suggested that they could be the "AirPods Pro Lite" that had been previously rumored. The ultimately launched product that his leak may have been referencing was the $50 Beats Flex and not $200 Apple-branded headphones.

Another set of AirPods Pro, over-the-ear headphones specifically, have been rumored as well. They have the code name B515 and were aimed for a WWDC release at $350. An update to this rumor came in early May, with Prosser stating they will be called "AirPods Studio" and doubled down on the $350 price point. However, they didn't launch at WWDC, were not called "AirPods Studio" and cost $549 at release.

On April 19, he tweeted that new AirPods were "ready to go." Prosser said they were likely to ship alongside the MacBook Pro refresh. While they didn't ship on the same day as the 13-inch MacBook Pro or in the following months of 2020, they could still arrive at any time. In October, he reported that Apple wouldn't launch the new headphones at the October 13 "Hi, Speed" event.

The "AirPods Studio" will supposedly come in two variants: luxury and sport. The luxury ones would cost $599 and the sport would cost $350.


Below are the rumors associated with AirPower and information provided by Prosser during its supposed return. Multiple rumors from prominent leakers suggested Apple was working on a wireless charger similar to AirPower, some citing it would be smaller.

With the release of MagSafe and its charger and MagSafe Duo, it seems the rumors described these products. Jon Prosser however was convinced Apple was working on a full-sized charging mat. At one point he shared images of a mat that turned out to be a fake product made to look like AirPower.

Ultimately it seems AirPower is truly dead, replaced by MagSafe. Prosser seemingly was provided bad data in an attempt to undermine his ability as a leaker.

Image of prototype AirPowerAirPower image from Jon Prosser

Rumors of a smaller AirPower mat had already been circulating, but this was Prosser's first contribution on the product. His source seems to be assured the product exists and will be announced in the future.

He said they were in prototyping stages as of March 22, and none of them supported the Apple Watch due to its unique charging method. This was the underlying issue and likely overheating causes in the scrapped first AirPower model.

Another tidbit of information about AirPower leaked on April 10, with Prosser stating that Apple was experimenting with an A11 chip to control heat displacement. This would be possible by dynamically controlling which coils were energized to ensure heat would be dissipated properly without the risk of overheating or fire.

On April 14, he stated that AirPower was expected by the end of 2020 or early 2021 for $250.

Leaked AirPower imageFake AirPower image from Jon Prosser

A new set of leaked images supposedly show that AirPower, or "C68," now works with Apple Watch. It was later confirmed that the image depicts a dummy model that had been shared around the internet.

Even if the image itself is fake, other Apple leakers discussed that the rest of the information from Prosser was correct: that the new AirPower was indeed working with Apple Watch and in the final stages of testing.

The release of MagSafe has placed any future release of AirPower into doubt. Any rumors of AirPower may have been related to research for the MagSafe system.

iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 launched with four models in October 2020, and Jon Prosser was one of the most-watched leakers for this release cycle. He had an early insight into the late launch cycle and pricing, but some of the pricing was off and the naming was not quite right. His later leaks corrected for the newly discovered "mini" naming scheme, though pricing was always reported incorrectly.

The following information is presented as is in the order that Prosser shared the leaks online.

On March 23, Jon Prosser stated that the 2020 iPhone could see delays due to a slow supply-chain ramp-up. This was the first time leakers had mentioned that the iPhone 12 could see a similar launch schedule to the iPhone X.

On April 6, he showed off an image depicting four iPhone sizes with various specs and internal code names.

Render of upcoming iPhone Render of upcoming "iPhone 12" by iphone_lov_er

He also said to expect Lighting ports on the next iPhone, that "Apple will go portless before they go USB-C."

Most leaks and renders of the "iPhone 12" had suggested the smart connector would come to at least the pro models, but on April 19, Prosser said there would be no such connector this generation, nor any Apple Pencil support. Both of those assessments proved correct.

Leaked Face ID sensor array for “iPhone 12”Leaked Face ID sensor array for “iPhone 12”

On April 30, he leaked further information about the new iPhone lineup, including configurations and pricing.

 DisplayMemoryStorageBodyRear CamerasPricing
iPhone 125.4-inch BOE OLED Super Retina4GB128GB, 256GBAluminumDual camera$699, $799
iPhone 12 Max6.1-inch BOE OLED Super Retina4GB128GB, 256GBAluminumDual camera$799, $899
iPhone 12 Pro6.1-inch Samsung OLED Super Retina XDR
with ProMotion and 10-bit Color Depth
6GB128GB, 256GB, 512GBStainless SteelTriple camera + LiDAR$999, $1,099, $1,299
iPhone 12 Pro Max6.7-inch Samsung OLED Super Retina XDR
with ProMotion and 10-bit Color Depth
6GB128GB, 256GB, 512GBStainless SteelTriple camera + LiDAR$1,099, $1,199, $1,399

Prosser had said the iPhone 12 Pro models would include ProMotion Displays, but internal conflict within Apple had left some confusion as to how it would be implemented. ProMotion did not arrive in the 2020 iPhones.

Alongside the "Apple Glass" leak in May, Prosser detailed that the iPhone event would be in October, not September as normal, and the iPhone would be released later that month. That was correct.

In August 2020, Prosser leaked potential release dates of the "iPhone 12" launch, the next Apple Watch launch, and a new iPad. He claimed the new iPhone line would be announced during the week of October 12th, with the non-pro models shipping a week later and pro models shipping in November. He was mostly correct, though it was ultimately the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro shipping first and the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max shipping in November.

Prosser later had a big leak stating the iPhone launch would happen in two phases: first the 6.1-inch models launch on October 23 then the other two models launch in November. Prosser asserts that 120Hz will not make it to the final production, citing issues with battery life. These corrections were all accurate.

Apple Watch Series 6

The Apple Watch Series 6 and iPad Air 4 were to be released on September 8 via a press release, and Prosser doubled down on this and his sources being accurate. Mark Gurman insisted that the press release on September 8 will reveal the iPhone announcement date, not any product releases, and was correct. The press release was an announcement for an event taking place on September 15 called "Time Flies," where the company announced the Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE, and iPad Air 4.

The Friday prior to the event, Prosser dropped one last bit of information about the upcoming Apple Watch. He stated that there would be a new budget line of Watches with reduced specs to reduces the price. Other rumors had indicated that Apple may be working on a plastic Apple Watch with a kids mode, so the idea of a cheaper line was not far-fetched. Health features like the built-in ECG and advanced features like the always-on display would be omitted to reduce cost. Apple apparently refers to the devices internally as "Apple Watch" and "Apple Watch Pro."What ultimately launched was the Apple Watch SE, which was not plastic or marketed specifically for kids.

A leak about the Apple Watch Series 6 and its ability to track anxiety and sleep was backed up by Prosser on Twitter. Measurements like these can be made with additional machine learning algorithms and existing sensors on the Apple Watch. The device launched without anxiety detection, and sleep-tracking was a feature in watchOS 7 and not specific to the Series 6 model.

HomePod mini

Prosser got the details of the HomePod mini correct. It is $99 and about half the size of the HomePod and has a UWB chip. Apple didn't announce any additional features for UWB beyond easy pairing and audio sharing. 

This is what Prosser had said about how UWB would be used in HomePod mini:

Having a HomePod mini in your home would give your U1 equipped devices more awareness about where they were located, and could give users better HomeKit control using precise device location to control the home. Additional triggers will allow users to track where devices are and be alerted if a device leaves a specific room or your home. The HomePod mini will be able to act as anchors for AR uses as well, though the applications for AR anchor points in your home are not yet known.

These predictions are still able to become reality if Apple provides a software update with these features.

iPhone SE

The iPhone SE released with three color optionsThe iPhone SE

Jon Prosser spent some time debunking a few earlier leaks about the "iPhone 9," or the iPhone SE as we now know it to be, he ultimately started leaking information himself. 

The Target inventory leaks that revealed a new AirPods model also included information about an "iPod Touch X generation" and "iPad 10.5 X generation." Again the "X generation" are just placeholders for names before official announcements.

This was the first mention of a $400 iPhone being imminent, in reference to the "iPod Touch X" in the leaked POS images. There were six SKU's for the "iPod Touch X" which he assumed would mean six colors but was wrong on this as there are only 3 options in the iPhone SE.

On March 18, he stated with high confidence that the "iPhone 9" had entered production. On March 26, he alleged had a meeting about the "iPhone 9" release, likely to release early April.

On March 31, Prosser accurately stated the release date of April 15. He also reported on various leaks from Target POS and Virgin Mobile inventory, but those were just placeholders or guesses by third parties, as the device was not called an "iPhone 9."

Apple leaked the name of the iPhone SE on its own website with product listings that had been up since March 11 but were not discovered until April 2.

The iPhone SE ultimately released on April 15 in three colors at $399. The iPhone SE Plus is expected in 2021.

Powerbeats 4

The same leaker that gave Prosser info about the Samsung Galaxy S20 sent him an info sheet on the new Powerbeats. This was after AppleInsider had not only been tipped on the earbuds being for sale prematurely in Target but also purchased them for an early look.

Despite that, the leak was accurate, and the Powerbeats were released on March 18, 2020. While the Mac mini refresh, new iPad Pro, and Magic Keyboard were all also announced that day, Prosser had said very little about those products beforehand.

iOS 14

As for iOS 14 predictions, Prosser got the widgets right but also had predicted third-party access to Control Center, which did not happen. Xcode did not ship on iPad either.

Apple also didn't announce any pro apps for iPad Pro, something Prosser had predicted.

Coronavirus Related Leaks

The work-from-home memo from Tim Cook was leaked in full on Jon Prosser's Twitter after Mark Gurman's report. One of his Apple sources had obtained the document.

A March event had been scheduled to occur to announce the iPhone SE and other products but was canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak. Prosser got insider information about meetings being held discussing press-release product announcements and the canceled event. While there was never an event announced or held, it is unknown if one was ever scheduled in the first place.

Prosser first reported on his YouTube channel that Apple was altering but not canceling WWDC. Three days after that, Apple officially announced the all-digital WWDC.

He also revealed that Tim Cook was talking with Apple Store leaders every morning and medical teams every night before the stores closed. On March 13, Prosser mentioned that Apple was assessing the situation in real-time and would be closing stores soon. A day later, Apple announced the closure of all US stores.

As of March 21, someone notified him of twice-weekly conference calls being held with store teams. On March 25, he announced Apple's plans to open stores by end of May.

WWDC20 is all digitalWWDC20 is all digital and takes place on June 22

On March 19, Prosser announced that the tentative date for WWDC was June 1, but that was most people's guess already. There was high certainty over the validity of his source though. This was proven incorrect as Apple announced that WWDC would be on June 22, 2020.

Jon Prosser's Accuracy

As you can see from his historical leaks, several have been correct or a corroborative nod to someone else's leaks. He apparently obtained his leaks from high-level Apple employees, and he also has leakers in the supply chain and at cellular carriers.

Jon Prosser had a strong track record throughout his time leaking Apple secrets, however there were some notable misses. He's seemingly stepped back from leaking to focus on his tech news YouTube channel and website Front Page Tech.